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LifePad® helps save lives​

Many great and responsible partners support our mission.

The world is getting a little bit safer every day

Anyone can help save a life. We work with partners from a wide range of industries to achieve the widest possible coverage and availability of the LifePad® in the event of an emergency. When every second counts, the LifePad is just a flick of the wrist away – and guides first responders safely through the resuscitation.

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Fast action saves lives!

Mark Felstead is living proof of what quick help and resuscitation can mean. Mark has since become a strong supporter and ally of LifePad® because he understands the importance of acting quickly and correctly.

My name is Mark Felstead, 59 years old, fit and healthy…at least on the outside. 4 years ago I was competing in a local duathlon when I collapsed with sudden cardiac arrest 300m from the finish line. I was kept “alive” by the quick and effective action of two of my competitors, who ran to my lifeless body and immediately began CPR. Only because of her quick and effective CPR (I was later to wake up from an induced coma with three broken ribs – it takes so much effort!) am I here today.

Now I take my LifePad with me wherever I travel, even on vacations, and I tell others how amazing this device is for saving lives, maybe even my own!

Mark Felstead



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Engineered to help

"The LifePad® was developed by Innotas AG with the aim of supporting the inexperienced first responder in a stressful emergency situation."
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Dr. med. Marcello Corazza
Chief Medical Officer at Innotas AG
“In an emergency, minutes or even seconds are often crucial. The "LifePad" is a useful support for resuscitation measures and it is very easy to use."
LifePad® Muresh Testimonials
Muresh Thevarasa
Training manager at the Björn Steiger Foundation
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Become a part, become a HERO!

Whether as a shopkeeper, football club, mayor, family or as a pensioner. Become part of the movement and help us bring more heart safety to the world with LifePad® – whether as a distributor, dealer or customer.

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You don't need a reason to help others!​

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