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The LifePad® is an innovative cardiac arrest support product

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone. Whether at work, on the go or in the private sphere – many first aiders are initially overwhelmed. The LifePad® guides medical laypersons during resuscitation and helps you to carry out the right steps safely. The LifePad® was developed in cooperation with Beurer GmbH and the Björn Steiger Foundation.

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Your helper in an emergency

The highlights at a glance

Step-by-step guide to resuscitation

Easy to use, no prior knowledge required

Visual and acoustic feedback system

For optimal compression depth and pressure frequency

Compact size

With 21 x 16 cm (approx. DIN A5 format) it can be stowed away in any bag

flexible material

Adapts to the shape of the body

Easy positioning

Instructions and marking directly on the pad

Resuscitation process with LifePad® & Defibrillator

The interaction between CPR and defibrillator is critical to successful resuscitation.

* only pick it up yourself if in the immediate vicinity

**if available

And this is how it works

If an emergency occurs, many first responders are initially overwhelmed. The LifePad® provides step-by-step guidance during resuscitation and helps to carry out the steps safely.

In cooperation with the Björn Steiger Foundation

In an emergency, minutes or even seconds are often crucial. In Germany alone, thousands of lives could be saved every year if more people would immediately perform chest compressions in an emergency.

The “LifePad” is a useful support for resuscitation measures and the operation is very simple.

Muresh Thevarasa

Instructor first aid courses

What is special about the LifePad®?

Learn more about the patented technology*

Did you know that cardiac arrest often happens at home or at work?

At first we are often overwhelmed in emergencies and are afraid of doing something wrong. The only wrong thing is to do nothing at all.

Visual and audio support for emergencies
The LifePad® helps you to act correctly in such a situation. The step-by-step instructions will help you keep a cool head. The colored LEDs give you visual feedback for the optimal compression pressure. An acoustic signal indicates the optimal compression rate of 100 beats per minute.

Simple application without previous knowledge
Thanks to the flexible material, the LifePad® adapts to any body shape and can be used by people aged 12 and over. The support surface supports you in positioning your hands correctly.
The device can also be used in combination with a defibrillator. The acoustic signal of the LifePads® can be switched off for this.

*Patent EP3302395

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Acoustic signal

To set the optimal compression rate of 100 beats/minute

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Easy positioning

Instructions and marking directly on the LifePad®

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Visual feedback through colored LEDs

To maintain the optimum compression pressure

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Specification & Features

Step-by-step instructions for resuscitation: Easy to use for people aged 12 and over, no prior knowledge required

Visual and acoustic feedback system: For optimal compression depth and pressure frequency

Compact size: At 21 x 16 cm (approx. DIN A5 format), it can be easily stowed in any bag

Flexible Material: Adapts to the shape of the body

Easy positioning: instructions and marking directly on the pad – applicable to people aged 12 and over

Practical application: the pad is splash-proof according to IP 44 and can be used in combination with a defibrillator (the signal tone can be switched off for this)

Scope of delivery: LifePad® as a single-use product incl. 1 x CR2032 battery
medical device

CE: yes
Medical device: yes
Product name: resuscitation aid
Batteries: 1 x 3V battery CR2032
Splash-proof according to IP 44: yes
Product Weight: 135g
Product dimensions (L x W x H): 215 x 160 x 5 mm
PZN: 16792204
Article no.: 65302
EAN: 4211125653026
LifePad® User Guide

Help is just a flick of the wrist away, no matter what at home in traffic in leisure time during sports at work


Anyone can save lives!

If, in an emergency, everyone started immediately with CPR, more than 100,000 lives could be saved in Europe every year - more than 10,000 lives in Germany alone.

1 %
happen when at home

64 percent of cardiac arrests occur at home. Up to 45 percent of all cardiac arrests are witnessed by family members, friends, or others. Laymen cannot rely on help being on site

1 %
probability of survival

10% chance of survival elapses per minute after cardiac arrest if chest compressions are not performed. On average, it takes 10-15 minutes for ambulances to arrive.

1 %
do not intervene

There are still too few people who step in, take action and provide life saving CPR in emergencies. In 2020, only a good 40 percent of all cardiac arrests were resuscitated by laypersons.


Mark Felstead is living proof of what quick help and resuscitation can mean.

In 2018, during a duathlon, Mark went into cardiac arrest without any symptoms. He could only be saved through the quick help and resuscitation of those present.

Around 65,000 people die of sudden cardiac death in Germany alone every year. Of these, over 30% are of working age. Far more people would have survived if more laypeople acted immediately, as with Mark. This is exactly why Mark is convinced of the LifePad®!


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“The LifePad® was developed by Innotas AG with the aim of supporting the inexperienced first responder in a stressful emergency situation.”

Dr. med. Marcello Corazza

Chief Medical Officer OF Innotas AG

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